Canvas: Assignments Tab Removed from Global Nav Bar

Canvas recently went through a UI change. Specifically, they made some changes to the Global Navigation Bar. The Global Navigation Bar is the red bar at the top of every page in Canvas (with links to “courses,” “grades,” “calendar,” and the “library”). One thing that has been removed was the “Assignments” drop down that was on this navigation  bar (See below)


Canvas Assignments 3


Canvas Assignments 2

One reason this has happened, is so that Canvas can be more agile with further UI changes. Also, I think this is a win because many faculty were confused about the difference between “Global Assignment” (what was removed), and “Course Assignments” (the tab on the left side course nav bar). This helps alleviate any confusion, as there are no longer two options for “assignments.”

Canvas: Two Full Weeks

We went live with Canvas for the entire university on May 5th for summer courses. D2L has officially been retired. While there were a few bumps last week, this has been a relatively smooth process. Now, we are officially at the end of the second full week, and things are running pretty smoothly. Let’s take at some statistics for Canvas over the past two weeks.

Canvas Stats: Usage #’s

  • Pageviews (how many different clicks have occurred in the system): 862, 831, over 1M since we brought Canvas on in November 2013.
  • Sessions (Unique log in’s): 66,265
  • Pages per session: 13.02
  • Avg. Session Duration: 12:25
  • Most popular browser: Chrome (30.32%)
  • Most popular operating system: Windows (64.3%)
  • Most popular mobile device: iOS (79.28%)
  • Most are accessing Canvas via the Maryville Portal (61.46%) OR by going directly to Canvas (25.4%)

Canvas Stats: What are users doing in Canvas for Summer 2014

  • 638 courses (summer 1 & summer terms—-not summer 2)
    • Assignments created: 9, 215
    • Files uploaded: 22,407
    • Discussion topics: 4,729

It’s been a lot of work over the past few months, but it’s great to see this in action and take a look at the numbers.

Transitioning from D2L Capture to Panopto

Since our current lecture capture platform is “D2L Capture” (A D2L Product), we will no longer be using this product once we switch to Canvas. Our department has purchased a license to a new product called “Panopto.

If you are currently a D2L Capture user:

In preparation for the move from D2L to Canvas, we have copied and moved all of your D2L Capture videos into our new lecture capture platform, Panopto.  Don’t worry, your videos will remain on the Capture site (, until the end of this semester. However, starting this summer, you will need to use Panopto if you wish to continue recording lecture capture videos AND/OR want to share any videos previously recorded. We will have Panopto training starting in mid-March (and then ongoing), and I’m always available to meet with you individually (before or after mid-March) to discuss and train you on this new platform.

To access your videos prior to summer semester, follow these steps: ***I recommend logging in at least once to make sure you can see your folder/videos—report back any issues.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the drop-down next to “sign in using,” and choose “Canvas Panopto Integration”
  3. Select “Sign In”
  4. Input your Maryville username/password
  5. Locate the “Folders” drop down on the left hand side. Locate your folder (FirstInitialLastName—ex. RCunningham).
    1. Note: You may want to make sure all of your videos have been transferred.

Once you gain access to your courses in Canvas, you will be able to access Panopto directly from any of the course shells.

Note: Our office will continue checking the Capture site until the end of this semester for any new recordings. If there are any new recordings we will continue to move them to Panopto for you. We also can add users to other users folders, if access is needed (ex. I could be added to Julie’s folder and vice-versa).

For help documentation/videos on Panopto, check out their support website AND/OR check out the introductory video below.


Canvas: A Review of 2013 & Look at 2014

I was catching up on reading the Canvas Blog today, and stumbled across a few interesting things.

A look back at what Canvas accomplished in 2013.

  • 278 new Canvas customers (we now have over 600)
  • 10 million people use Canvas as their LMS
  • 141 new Instructure employees (we now have over 300)
  • 25 new official partners
  • $30 million in funding
  • 94% customer support satisfaction
  • 99.95% up-time for the year

I”m a big numbers person, and these are impressive ! Also, they are much higher than some of the numbers I’ve been discussing in my training sessions, so this shows that 2013 was a year of tremendous growth for Canvas.

In addition, Canvas has posted the results to their 2013 security audit. Basically, Canvas hires a company to perform tasks on the system to try and reveal any security flaws. The report came back with only 4 issues. None were critical.

If you wish to review this, please use the following link.

link: Canvas 2013 Security Audit

A look a head to 2014.

For any who are interested, Canvas has created a “road map” website called “Canvas Studio.” If you are interested in what Canvas has planned (features, improvements…etc), this is a great source for this material. Since Canvas is updated approx. every three weeks, this is a great way to keep up with what is new to the system. On this page, it has a list of “In progress” projects, with details about what is being done AND a list of “completed projects,” with documentation and notes about has been done.

As always, ILP will keep the faculty/staff updated with any pertinent changes.

Online course evaluations are now open for fall 2013 courses!

Maryville University values your input and makes important course and programmatic decisions based on your feedback.

Make your voice heard – remember to complete your Online Course Evaluations today.

You will receive emails prompting you to fill these out AND there will be a widget placed on the Course Home page of each D2L course with a link out to the online course evaluations.

Transitioning to Canvas: What to Expect

Since the announcement to Canvas was made, many are beginning to wonder exactly what the transition will look like. Well, let’s try and clear things up !

Coming summer 2014.pngThe full switch of all courses to Canvas will be made in the summer of 2014. This means that spring 2014 is the last LAST semester any student and instructor will have access to courses on D2L. Keep in mind that there are a LOT of things that will be done to get us to that point.

Here are two timelines that may help put this into perspective:Picture1transition timelineA few things will have to occur before the switch happens in summer 2014.

Fall 2013

Starting November 1st, Innovative Learning Partners (ILP) will began doing behind the scenes things to prepare for Canvas. We will be doing awareness training and preparing for the pilot program in the spring. Be sure to back up your course materials from spring, summer and fall 2013 at the end of this semester.

Spring 2014

The BSN-C program will be piloting Canvas in spring 2014. We will also begin offering hands-on workshops and tools training (information about this is forthcoming). Information, resources and sessions will be provided to help faculty transition materials from D2L to Canvas.

Summer 2014

EVERY course will be created on Canvas. Faculty and students will not have access to D2L. ILP will retain a relationship with D2L in case we need to access courses and files. However, this access will be limited to system administrators after the summer 2014 session begins.

Other things to consider:

Most of the migration “work” will be done behind the scenes by ILP. Faculty will be responsible, in some capacity, for transitioning materials from courses and ePortfolio (more information to come) in D2L into Canvas. At the end of the fall semester, be sure to make an export of your course components from D2L. ILP will offer PLENTY of training/workshops for faculty/staff/students to become accustomed to the new system.

One thing to consider, since we are leaving D2L, we will no longer be using D2L Capture (Lecture Capture). ILP has selected Panopto as its new lecture capture platform and will begin trainings in the spring 2014 semester. Before the summer 2014 semester ILP will begin transitioning ALL videos from, to the new system.

Let us know if you have questions or concerns.