Turnitin-Enabled Assignments and SpeedGrader **Updated**

An update to the previous post about a resolution – Some students are still experiencing assignment submissions not appearing in SpeedGrader. Canvas and Turnitin on working on a resolution. Please send information about any incidents of this issue to LDT. This post will be updated as more information becomes available.

Canvas recently extended the time that it waits before requesting the submission and originality report from Turnitin. Canvas now waits five minutes instead of the previous 60 seconds. This time extension should help alleviate some of the current issues. The previous time sometimes resulted in the submission and originality report request being sent before the submission was ready for processing, and the submission or originality report wouldn’t appear in SpeedGrader. Canvas and Turnitin hope to have a long-term fix in place before the fall semester.


Turnitin recently deployed a code to help alleviate of an issue with some student submissions not appearing in SpeedGrader. The code will cause Canvas to wait 60 seconds before requesting a Turnitin submission to be presented in SpeedGrader. This should reduce the issue described below.

If any of your students experience the issue below, please contact us with the course name/number, student’s name, and assignment name.

Issue description:
There have been reports of some student submissions of Turnitin-enabled assignments not appearing in SpeedGrader. Canvas and Turnitin are working diligently to resolve this issue. In the meantime, if one of your students experiences this, please contact Learning Design and Technology with the course name and section, student name, and assignment. We will report the issue to Canvas.

There is an alternate way to grade affected students’ submissions.

1. From the assignment, in your Assignment Inbox, find the student.
2. Click the download button next to the student’s name. You can view the Originality Report by clicking the percentage.
3. Type the student’s grade and comments in the GradeBook (Course > Grades).

We will update this post once a resolution has been made.

Please contact us with any questions about Canvas.

Quiz Timer and Question List Not Scrolling in Multiple Browsers

There is a current issue occurring in Internet browsers except Firefox. Currently, when taking a quiz in Firefox, the quiz timer and question list travel with students as they scroll down the page to answer each question. In other browsers, students must scroll back to the top of the page to view the quiz timer and question list, and then scroll back to the questions needing answered.

This issue has been reported to Canvas.

Please contact us with questions about Canvas.

Issues with Microsoft Browsers and Canvas

Microsoft recently made some changes to a security feature in the Microsoft Edge and (newer versions of) Internet Explorer Web browsers. The changes inadvertently caused these browsers to block file uploads on certain websites, including Canvas. While Canvas works with Microsoft to correct the issue, students should use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari instead.

For more information about the browsers Canvas supports, please read this article.

Please contact LDT with questions about Canvas.

Using Firefox for Grading

You can absolutely use Firefox to grade items in SpeedGrader. Chrome is preferred, but there are plenty of faculty who use Firefox without any issues. There are a couple things to keep in mind when using Firefox for grading.

  • To avoid losing any annotations, click off the comment and onto the screen before moving to the next student.
  • When entering a grade, make sure you see the page refresh before moving to the next student.

Contact LDT with questions about Canvas.

Quiz Error Using the Canvas iPad App **Resolved**

As of March 31, 2016, this issue has been resolved. Please make sure your Canvas app is updated to the most current version. Contact LDT if you continue experiencing this issue.

Canvas is currently working on fixing an error students may receive while taking a quiz via the Canvas iPad app. The below error message may appear to students taking quizzes using the Canvas iPad app.

This error is caused by quiz settings. The error message will appear when the quiz option Let Students See Their Quiz Responses is left unselected.



Until Canvas corrects the issue, here are some things you can do to ensure your students are able to successfully take a quiz.

  • Edit the quiz and select Let Students See Their Quiz Responses. You have the option of restricting this ability to certain dates by choosing when to Show Correct Answers and Hide Correct Answers.
  • Ask students to take the quiz using the Safari browser on the iPad or their desktop/laptop computers.

We will update this post once a resolution has been made.

If you need to give your students extra time to complete a quiz, please read Quizzes: Giving Students Extra Time/Attempts.

Please contact us with any questions about Canvas.