One-on-One / Group Consultations

Learning Design and Technology prides itself in our ability to work one-on-one with faculty. We offer several consultation options, which include:

Personalized Office Visits

We can visit your office to discuss an instructional technology and demonstrate how you can use it effectively and incorporate it into the classroom.

Group Demonstrations

Do you have a group of faculty members or adjunct instructors that would like an overview of an instructional technology? Group demonstrations are especially helpful when needing a Canvas overview. Or, would you like your class to learn how to use a technology such as Kaltura (or even Canvas)? We can demonstrate an instructional technology to your group.


Stop by our offices in Gander Hall between 7 – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday to talk about your courses and get assistance with the different technologies offered on campus.

Classroom Visits

We can visit your classroom to demonstrate an instructional technology tool or help you set one up for the first time.

To schedule a consultation, email Learning Design and Technology with your request.