Due Date Information for Turnitin Assignments

This post will provide you with important information related to due dates within a Turnitin-enabled assignment.

When you add or change a due date on a Turnitin-enabled assignment by clicking, you can only add or change the due date for the entire assignment. When a due date is added to an assignment, the date is transferred from Canvas to the Turnitin LTI tool. Turnitin settings only allow one due date while Canvas allows multiple due dates. In addition, if you edit an assignment’s due date, it will transfer to the Turnitin LTI tool.

You won’t be able assign a different due date to an individual student. Turnitin only allows one due date on an assignment, so additional due dates for individual students won’t transfer to the Turnitin LTI tool. This can only be done on non-Turnitin-enabled assignments.

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