LockDown Browser iPad App Message

The issue occurs when students try to access a Canvas quiz using LockDown Browser, a message appears for some students (message below). The affected students are in the LockDown Browser iPad app when the message appears.

Message – Respondus LockDown Browser Required
This quiz requires Respondus LockDown Browser. Please launch Respondus LockDown Browser to take this quiz or view your quiz results.

The recommended solution is for students to close down the LockDown Browser app completely, navigate to Settings, and then Safari. From here, in the Privacy & Security section, students should choose either Allow from Websites I Visit or Always Allow from the Block Cookies list. While in the Safari settings, it’s recommended students tap Clear History and Website Data.

In addition, as a best practice, students should wait until a course home page fully loads before trying to access a quiz. Navigating too quickly away from the home page could cause issues starting the quiz.

If you have any questions or need assistance with a quiz, please email LDT.

Canvas Quiz Tips

Here are a couple tips to help make your quizzing in Canvas successful.

Guided Access

Guided Access must be turned on if your students are taking a LockDown Browser-required quiz on their iPad. Guided Access can be turned on through the iPad’s Settings. Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access.

LockDown Browser Error on the iPad

Some students may have difficulty accessing their quiz while using LockDown Browser on their iPad. If your student has the LockDown Browser app open, and is logged in to Canvas with the quiz page open, but a message appears that LockDown Browser is required, close the browser down completely. This includes removing it from the application tray (double tap the Home button, and then swipe the app up). Launch the LockDown Browser app again and sign in to Canvas to access the quiz. Your student should be able to access the quiz now.

Real-Time Quiz Activity

While your students are taking a quiz, you can see the time elapsed by student and scores as soon as students submit the quiz. While your students are taking the quiz, click the quiz in Canvas. Click Moderate This Quiz.
Once your students submit the quiz, you can view how long it took them to complete the quiz and their scores.

Please contact us with any questions about Canvas or for an LDT team member to assist you with facilitating a quiz in Canvas.