Reorder Navigation Menu

In Canvas, you can reorder the navigation menu as it appears for your students. This can be helpful if you’re using Modules or Quizzes more than other areas of Canvas. You have the ability to move the more frequently-used areas of Canvas toward the top of your students’ menu. You can also disable menu items so they won’t appear in your course menu.

Reordering the Navigation Menu

Follow these steps to reorder the navigation menu.

1. Log in to Canvas.
2. Click the course card.
3. Click Settings from the left-hand navigation menu.
4. Click the Navigation tab.
5. Drag and drop menu items to reorder them. The order that appears in the Navigation tab is the order in which the items appear in your course menu. In addition, click the gear icon to disable an item. Disabled items won’t appear in your course menu.
6. Click Save, when finished.

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