Quiz Timer and Question List Not Scrolling in Multiple Browsers

There is a current issue occurring in Internet browsers except Firefox. Currently, when taking a quiz in Firefox, the quiz timer and question list travel with students as they scroll down the page to answer each question. In other browsers, students must scroll back to the top of the page to view the quiz timer and question list, and then scroll back to the questions needing answered.

This issue has been reported to Canvas.

Please contact us with questions about Canvas.

Assign Assignments/Quizzes to Students with Different Due Dates

When setting up assignments or quizzes in Canvas, you can assign an assignment or quiz to everyone and/or individual students. This feature can be helpful if you have a student athlete who will be absent for an event and needs to submit an assignment or quiz early.

Adding an Additional Due/Availability Date

Follow these steps to add an additional due or availability date to an assignment or quiz.

1. In the Settings section of Assignments or Quizzes, click + Add.
2. Click in the Assign to box, and choose a student(s).
3. Add new Due and Available from dates.

Contact LDT with questions about Canvas.

Quick Canvas Quiz Reminders

Here are a few quiz reminders for students taking quizzes via the Canvas iPad app (or through LockDown Browser). These reminders will be helpful in ensuring your iPad functions properly while trying to access a quiz.

  • Make sure your iOS is the most current version available.
  • Make sure your Canvas app and LockDown Browser (if using) app are the most current versions available.
  • Make sure your iPad storage is not full or almost full.
  • Make sure you’ve shut down your iPad (turned off) completely recently.

Contact LDT with questions about Canvas quizzes.

LockDown Browser iPad App Message

The issue occurs when students try to access a Canvas quiz using LockDown Browser, a message appears for some students (message below). The affected students are in the LockDown Browser iPad app when the message appears.

Message – Respondus LockDown Browser Required
This quiz requires Respondus LockDown Browser. Please launch Respondus LockDown Browser to take this quiz or view your quiz results.

The recommended solution is for students to close down the LockDown Browser app completely, navigate to Settings, and then Safari. From here, in the Privacy & Security section, students should choose either Allow from Websites I Visit or Always Allow from the Block Cookies list. While in the Safari settings, it’s recommended students tap Clear History and Website Data.

In addition, as a best practice, students should wait until a course home page fully loads before trying to access a quiz. Navigating too quickly away from the home page could cause issues starting the quiz.

If you have any questions or need assistance with a quiz, please email LDT.

Maximize Quiz Security

This post was created to help you better understand Canvas quiz settings and how they can be used to maximize quiz security. There’s no way to 100% guarantee students aren’t cheating, but there are steps you can take to reduce cheating by strategically using your quiz settings. Please note that in some cases, not allowing students to review incorrect answers can hinder learning, so think about the goals of your quiz and the positives and negatives of each setting.

Quiz Settings

Allow Multiple Attempts

You can allow students to have multiple attempts to take a quiz. You can then decide which quiz score to keep – highest, latest, or average. If you leave the number of allowed attempts blank, students will have unlimited attempts that would only be stopped by the Available Until date. Unless you have a large bank of questions and/or your quiz goal is content mastery, multiple quiz attempts does not create a secure quiz experience.

Let Students See Their Quiz Responses

You can allow students to view the following after they submit a quiz.

  • Quiz questions and answer choices.
  • Answer choices selected by the student.
  • If the student got a question wrong or partially wrong.
  • All question feedback.


All question feedback will appear regardless of available/available until and due date, and if the correct answers are not made available. If you allow students to see their quiz responses, additional options appear.

Only After Their Last Attempt

If multiple attempts with a specific number of attempts are allowed, you can remove the ability for students to see quiz results other than the score they got on each attempt until they take the quiz for the final time. If you allow multiple attempts, this setting is best for keeping the quiz secure; however, this information isn’t date and time controlled, so students could use all their attempts, note the question information, and then share the information before the quiz is finished.

Only Once After Each Attempt

You can allow students to view quiz questions and answer choices, answer choices selected by the student, wrong or partially wrong questions, and question feedback once after they submit the quiz. This is helpful when a quiz is proctored as students view quiz feedback, but it’s only visible immediately after submitting the quiz. If the students return to the quiz later, the score will be available, none of the other quiz information will be. Please note that this setting will override the Let Students See The Correct Answers setting.

Let Students See the Correct Answers

You can determine when students can view the correct answers to a quiz. Students will be able to view quiz questions and answer choices, answer choices selected by the student, wrong or partially wrong questions, and question feedback, but the correct answers won’t be visible until the date and time you determine. To help keep your quiz secure, it’s recommended to use this feature after the quiz available until and due dates have passed and limit how long correct answers are visible.

Show One Question at a Time

You can limit the number of questions students see at a time while taking a quiz to one question. It’s recommended to use this feature along with Lock questions after answering. When used together, the students are required to answer each individual question before moving on to the next and it prevents them from going back and changing answers. Please be sure you want to use this feature because students may not like only seeing one question at a time or being prevented from changing a previous answer.

Question Groups

Creating question groups allows you to pick a random number of questions to appear on student quizzes. In addition, question groups automatically randomize questions, which makes it unlikely students will have the same questions or have the same questions in the same order.

Shuffle Answers

You can randomize the order of question answer choices. By shuffling answers, the same quiz questions may appear, but the answers probably won’t be in the same order. Please note that it’s not recommended to use this feature if your quiz contains answer choices such as all of the above/below or answer A and C.

Time Limit

You can determine the amount of time students have to take a quiz. When determining a time limit, estimate the average time a student needs to answer each question, taking into account the different types of questions in your quiz. If the quiz is being taken in a non-proctored environment, the time limit can be used to limit the amount of time students have to look up answers and/or share questions with other students. If students need extra time or an extra attempt, you can allocate these from Moderate This Quiz.

Quiz Restrictions

Require an Access Code

You can specify a code that students must have in order to take a quiz. This feature can be useful during proctored quizzes and is useful if students are taking an untimed quiz and don’t finish it in one class period. You can add or change the access code after a quiz has started, which will lock students out of the quiz until the new access code has been entered.

Filter IP Addresses

You can ensure your students are taking a quiz in a specific location. This feature is useful during proctored quizzes. Do not use this feature without speaking with your Canvas admin first. Contact LDT before using this feature.

Require Respondus LockDown Browser

You can require your students use LockDown Browser to take a quiz. LockDown Browser is a special browser that locks students into a quiz. Students log in to Canvas through the browser and while they’re taking a quiz, they are unable to navigate to another webpage, print, or right click. They are stuck in the quiz until completion. You can even require students to use LockDown Browser to view the quiz results.

Quiz Dates

To help maximize quiz security, it's recommended you have a quiz open the least amount of time as possible.

Due Date

You can specify a date and time when a quiz is due. This date doesn’t keep students from taking a quiz, but quizzes submitted after a due date are marked late in SpeedGrader and in the Gradebook. A due date also appears on students’ calendars and to-do lists. To remove the ability for students to take a quiz after the due date is to make the due date and available until date the same. If students are allowed to take a quiz after the due date, leave the available until date blank or set it to the furthest date and time allowed by you.

Available From Date

You can specify a date and time that a quiz becomes available to students. Students won’t be able to access a quiz before this date and time unless it has been manually unlocked, which is a feature available in Moderate This Quiz.

Available Until Date

You can specify a date and time that students can no longer take a quiz. If the available until date occurs after the due date, students can still take a quiz until the available until date, but it will appear as late in SpeedGrader and the Gradebook. Canvas automatically submits a quiz at the available until date and time even if students are in the middle of taking a quiz.

Preventing Students from Viewing Quiz Scores

To prevent students from viewing their quiz scores, mute a quiz through Grades (before students begin taking a quiz). Please note that muting a quiz will override your quiz settings related to feedback. No quiz feedback will appear for students. This includes their responses to questions or correct answers. This information will appear once a quiz is unmuted.

One final note, please make sure your quiz is published. Students won’t be able to take or see a quiz regardless of the available from date if it’s not published.

For more information about quizzes, watch this Canvas webinar, Feel Secure about Your Relationship with Quizzes. Please contact us with any Canvas questions.

Canvas Quiz Tips

Here are a couple tips to help make your quizzing in Canvas successful.

Guided Access

Guided Access must be turned on if your students are taking a LockDown Browser-required quiz on their iPad. Guided Access can be turned on through the iPad’s Settings. Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access.

LockDown Browser Error on the iPad

Some students may have difficulty accessing their quiz while using LockDown Browser on their iPad. If your student has the LockDown Browser app open, and is logged in to Canvas with the quiz page open, but a message appears that LockDown Browser is required, close the browser down completely. This includes removing it from the application tray (double tap the Home button, and then swipe the app up). Launch the LockDown Browser app again and sign in to Canvas to access the quiz. Your student should be able to access the quiz now.

Real-Time Quiz Activity

While your students are taking a quiz, you can see the time elapsed by student and scores as soon as students submit the quiz. While your students are taking the quiz, click the quiz in Canvas. Click Moderate This Quiz.
Once your students submit the quiz, you can view how long it took them to complete the quiz and their scores.

Please contact us with any questions about Canvas or for an LDT team member to assist you with facilitating a quiz in Canvas.

Quiz Error Using the Canvas iPad App **Resolved**

As of March 31, 2016, this issue has been resolved. Please make sure your Canvas app is updated to the most current version. Contact LDT if you continue experiencing this issue.

Canvas is currently working on fixing an error students may receive while taking a quiz via the Canvas iPad app. The below error message may appear to students taking quizzes using the Canvas iPad app.

This error is caused by quiz settings. The error message will appear when the quiz option Let Students See Their Quiz Responses is left unselected.



Until Canvas corrects the issue, here are some things you can do to ensure your students are able to successfully take a quiz.

  • Edit the quiz and select Let Students See Their Quiz Responses. You have the option of restricting this ability to certain dates by choosing when to Show Correct Answers and Hide Correct Answers.
  • Ask students to take the quiz using the Safari browser on the iPad or their desktop/laptop computers.

We will update this post once a resolution has been made.

If you need to give your students extra time to complete a quiz, please read Quizzes: Giving Students Extra Time/Attempts.

Please contact us with any questions about Canvas.

Quizzes: Giving Students Extra Time/Attempts

From time to time, you may need to give your students extra time or an extra attempt to take a quiz. This post will explain how to accomplish these actions.

Moderate a Quiz

One way you can give students extra time or attempts is through Canvas’ Moderate This Quiz feature. Follow these steps to use this feature.

1. Log in to Canvas.
2. Click to enter your course.
3. Click Quizzes, and then click the actual quiz.
4. Click Moderate This Quiz.
5. Click the pencil icon next to a student you want to give extra time/attempts to.
6. Type the number of Extra Attempts or Extra time on every attempt. If the quiz is already complete due to accessibility dates, select Manually unlock the quiz for the next attempt.
7. Click Save.

Quiz Results

Another way you can give students extra quiz attempts is through Quiz Results. Follow these steps to use this feature.

1. From the quiz, click the settings gear icon.
2. Click Show Student Quiz Results.
3. Click the student’s name.
4. Click allow this student an extra attempt.
5. The new amount of attempts left will be reflected.

Please contact us with questions about Canvas.