Rubrics and Turnitin: Student View

Typically, when you add a rubric to an assignment, it appears when a student clicks the assignment. When you have a Turnitin-enabled assignment, the rubric no longer appears when the student clicks the assignment.

Students can view a rubric for a Turnitin-enabled assignment by following these steps:

1. From the course, click Grades.
2. Click the assignment.
3. Click the Show Rubric, located in the top-right corner of your screen.

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Canvas: Hide Score Total for Assessment Results (re: Rubrics)

I’ve been playing around in the “Rubrics” tool a lot lately. One button that really confused me was the “Hide Score Total for Assessment Results” button (see below).Rubric 1Rubric 1Well, I’ve been able to figure out what this tool does. It determines whether or not you see a “total score” for the rubric within the “SpeedGrader.”

Rubric 2Rubric 2

If enabled, it does not calculate the rubric score and translate that automatically to the grades area. So, if you use a rubric, and want to grade from AND want Canvas to take the rubric grade and auto place it into the grades area, keep this option unselected.