Coming Soon: Turnitin Similarity Scoring Improvements

Beginning in March, Turnitin will make some improvements to bring you a more reliable matches and a comprehensive Originality Report.

The improvement includes when bibliographic material is excluded from an Originality Report, Turnitin recalculates the Similarity Score based on the remaining content only. This will provide you with a more accurate score. When you select the option to exclude bibliographic materials from Similarity Index for all papers in an assignment, you are choosing to exclude text appearing in the bibliography, works cited, or references sections of student papers from being checked for matches when generating Originality Reports.

For example, opting to exclude a bibliography that constitutes 10% of a paper will generate a report according to 90% of that paper, rather than calculating reports out of 100%.

For assignments that have not yet passed their due dates, all reports will automatically regenerate in line with the improvement. Reports for closed assignments will not be updated. If you extend a closed assignment’s due date, you are reopening the assignment, and all reports in the assignment will regenerate to align with the update. If you have open assignments, log in to check regenerated reports, as the update may cause a slight increase to a paper’s Similarity Score.

Please contact us with any questions about Turnitin or Canvas.