Transitioning to Canvas: What to Expect

Since the announcement to Canvas was made, many are beginning to wonder exactly what the transition will look like. Well, let’s try and clear things up !

Coming summer 2014.pngThe full switch of all courses to Canvas will be made in the summer of 2014. This means that spring 2014 is the last LAST semester any student and instructor will have access to courses on D2L. Keep in mind that there are a LOT of things that will be done to get us to that point.

Here are two timelines that may help put this into perspective:Picture1transition timelineA few things will have to occur before the switch happens in summer 2014.

Fall 2013

Starting November 1st, Innovative Learning Partners (ILP) will began doing behind the scenes things to prepare for Canvas. We will be doing awareness training and preparing for the pilot program in the spring. Be sure to back up your course materials from spring, summer and fall 2013 at the end of this semester.

Spring 2014

The BSN-C program will be piloting Canvas in spring 2014. We will also begin offering hands-on workshops and tools training (information about this is forthcoming). Information, resources and sessions will be provided to help faculty transition materials from D2L to Canvas.

Summer 2014

EVERY course will be created on Canvas. Faculty and students will not have access to D2L. ILP will retain a relationship with D2L in case we need to access courses and files. However, this access will be limited to system administrators after the summer 2014 session begins.

Other things to consider:

Most of the migration “work” will be done behind the scenes by ILP. Faculty will be responsible, in some capacity, for transitioning materials from courses and ePortfolio (more information to come) in D2L into Canvas. At the end of the fall semester, be sure to make anĀ export of your course components from D2L. ILP will offer PLENTY of training/workshops for faculty/staff/students to become accustomed to the new system.

One thing to consider, since we are leaving D2L, we will no longer be using D2L Capture (Lecture Capture). ILP has selected Panopto as its new lecture capture platform and will begin trainings in the spring 2014 semester. Before the summer 2014 semester ILP will begin transitioning ALL videos from, to the new system.

Let us know if you have questions or concerns.