Spring Cleaning Checklist


What time is it? It’s spring cleaning time! You are probably groaning about doing some cleaning around your place. It’s time to get out of your bed and clean up some of your clutter. We know it can be overwhelming, so here are some tips we put together to help you tidy the dorm/house. 1. Scheduling Plan what you will clean in the over several days. If you do i... More »

You Never Gnome Where They Will Be: Gnome Hunt 2017


The Center for Student Engagement will host The Great Gnome Hunt starting Monday, April 3. The quest is a scavenger hunt in search of decorated gnomes. The game will go on until the last gnome is found. Nearly 20 campus organizations are responsible for decorating and hiding the gnomes. Groups like CAB, Go Saints, Association of Black Collegians, Latino Studen... More »

St. Louis Drift: Driving 101 for the 314


Rain or shine, it never fails that St. Louis drivers almost run you off the road. To be honest, I’m getting a little tired of it. So listen up St. Louis, grab a snack and hop in because we’re going back to the basics. First off, speed racer, speeding to cut me off even though there are eight other cars in front of me does nothing to benefit you. Do yourself a ... More »

100 Clubs and Counting


At the start of the fall semester of last year, Maryville set a freshmen enrollment record. This month, Maryville passed another milestone. The campus officially has 100 organizations, compared to 22 organizations in 2004. When Ally Crust, assistant director of student involvement, joined Maryville in 2012, she and Brian Gardner decided to set a goal. Crust sa... More »



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