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Combined Sections Meeting (CSM) 2012

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The following research abstracts were accepted to the national conference; 2012 Combined Sections Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association to be presented in Chicago, IL in February.

Oral Platform Presentations:

  Comparison of two pulse oximeter technologies in patients ambulating with a wheeled walker in the acute care setting: a pilot study

Ann Fick PT, DPT, MS, CCS; Stacey Schutte SPT; Alyssa Toalson SPT; Adam Bridwell SPT; Kathryn Siemen SPT; Joel Dougherty SPT; Jesse Moore PT, DPT; Ryan Duncan MPT

  The effect of muscle energy targeting the sacroiliac joint on low back pain in adolescents who referred to physical therapy after a neurosurgical evaluation

Sandy Ross PT, DPT, MHS, PCS; Ashley Pratt SPT; Katelyn Wiles SPT; Callie Freeman SPT; Katie Rupp SPT; Nicholas Hentis SPT; Jeffrey Leonard MD; Joan Puglisi PT, PCS

The effects of an educational game on retention of the spinal tracts and the enjoyment of learning in physical therapy students: a mixed methods pilot study

Joni Barry PT, DPT, NCS; Riane Hargraves SPT; Stacy Straub SPT; Jessica Landon SPT; Patti Naylor PT, MS

Poster Presentation:

Inter-rater and Intra-rater reliability of sagittal plane hip, knee, and ankle kinematics using the GAITRite walkway and Logitech video camera: a pilot study

Sandy Ross PT, DPT, MHS, PCS; Clinton Rice SPT; Kristyn VonBehren SPT; April Meyer SPT; Rachel Alexander SPT; Scott Murfin SPT


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