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on September 1, 2009 by Janet Edwards

Frank Williams, '02 and his wife, Quinn (Manning).
Frank Williams, '02 and his wife, Quinn (Manning).

Frank Williams, ’02

Frank Williams, ’02, claims to be an analytical, business-all-the-time kind of guy, but history tells us otherwise. Case in point: the time he had his legs waxed while on the air with radio station Z107.7 in St. Louis.

“As an intern, I was a stunt boy for the station’s night show. You could hear me screaming as they put the wax on and tore it off,” Williams said. “I also once stood out on a busy street wearing a sign that read, ‘Honk if you love Sid!’ Sid was the night deejay. ”

It was grunt work, but eventually it paid off. After college, Williams landed work at KSYN 92.5 in Joplin, Mo., as both promotions director and host of his own night show.

His professional life is more predictable these days, but no less interesting, Williams said. The communication major has settled in St. Louis with his growing family and is now enjoying investment services work.

“Although radio was my first passion, I fell in love with the financial industry,” he said. “People ask me all the time how that’s possible, but I still have a lot of interaction with people –customers and employees.”

In his position as supervisor of the fixed income desk at Scotttrade, Inc., Williams relies heavily on skills that he honed during his four years at Maryville University.

“The classes we had to take, and what we learned from Professor (Gerald) Boyer – especially writing – helped me tremendously to get ahead, more so than others,” he said. “I teach employees all the time, so I write a lot of speeches. One of the things the new generation seems to be lacking is the ability to write – and in order to advance, that’s one thing you really need.”

Williams also remembers being in Prof. John Wickersham’s philosophy class, and how those discussions taught him to think outside the box.

“The way ‘Wick’ taught, the conversations we had in his class, forced you to open your mind and think in multiple ways – not A to B, but everything from A to Z,” Williams said. “He taught me that it’s best to come up with your own ideas, not just follow what everyone else thinks.”

During his Maryville student days, Williams served one year on student government and put in four years on the Saints soccer team. As co-chair of Maryville’s Young Alumni Advisory Committee, Williams wants to give back to Maryville and is looking for ideas from fellow alumni.

“I have tremendous pride in my school and now that have the opportunity to do something about it, I’m anxious to help,” he said. “I’d like to see the Young Alumni group create new programs and find ways to entice more young alumni to be involved at Maryville – to donate not just money, but also thoughts and ideas.

“It’s great to have voices, but if there’s no place to put those, or if they’re hard to hear, then it’s just a lot of noise,” Williams continued. “I want to help organize them and put the thoughts of young alumni together so that everyone on up to President Lombardi will hear us.”

Williams and his wife, Quinn (Manning), have two boys and are expecting a daughter in September.

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