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Remember When? Online Yearbooks Can Help!

on October 8, 2009 by Janet Edwards

YearbooksForWebA photo captures lasting memories. In the sense of a yearbook, pictures are a time capsule to the past. Maryville University students – past, present and future – are now able to view selected University yearbooks online.

Beginning with the years 1959 and 1969, a photo of each page of the yearbooks were put in PDF form and uploaded to the website There, the yearbooks can be flipped through like a regular paper yearbook, and zoomed in to view detail.

“We are beginning with the years 1959 and 1969 because those will create a focus for the 40- and 50-year reunions coming up this year,” said Lauren Comici, assistant director of alumni relations. “The system is a real service for alumni with upcoming reunions. And it’s a fun way to promote Alumni Weekend.”

Maryville University will host its annual Alumni Weekend Sept. 24-27. The class of 1959 will celebrate its “Golden Circle,” meaning they graduated 50 years ago. They, along with many other alumni guests, will tour the campus and view its many new improvements, attend multiple receptions, enjoy an art show and spend quality time catching up with old friends.

The yearbook service is free to produce and the process of uploading the yearbooks is relatively simple. All of the Maryville yearbooks are expected to be uploaded to the website within five years.

The two yearbooks currently online can be viewed here.

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