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Societies Announce New Chapter in Giving

on October 13, 2009 by Janet Edwards

Duschesne-logoThe Philippine Duchesne Society and the Maryville Founders Society are both celebrating an inaugural year during 2009-2010.  Each of these giving clubs represents an important group of Maryville alumni and friends. 

The Duchesne Society (formerly known as the Century II Society) honors those donors who make “unrestricted” gifts of $1,000 or more that can be put to use right away for academic and athletic programs, or annual scholarships.  The Society takes its name from Mother Rose Philippine Duchesne, a groundbreaking pioneer in the field of education who dedicated her life to helping others less fortunate.  These gifts may be designated to specific schools or programs to address the urgent needs and priorities of the day.

The Founders Society recognizes gifts of $1,000 or more “restricted” to capital and endowment projects.  These gifts establish a foundation of support that will exist far into the future.

The generosity of Maryville’s alumni provides the resources for excellence in the classroom and the community, both in the past and going forward.  These new giving clubs honor the outstanding example set by former Century II Society members, as well as the critical support which will be provided by future members of the Duchesne Society and Founders Society.

For more information about joining the Philippine Duchesne Society, please contact Fay Fetick at or 636-346-5539.  You can also visit the Duchesne Society on the web at or the Founders Society at .

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