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SHP Signs Academic Agreement with Community College

on June 24, 2010 by Janet Edwards

Maryville University President Lombardi, (right) and St. Louis Community College - Florissant Valley President Pfeiffer

A recently signed agreement between Maryville University’s School of Health Professions and St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley’s Deaf Communications Studies – Interpreter Education Program, gives students pursuing a career in health care services an advantage in the job market.

Under the agreement, which begins with the fall 2010 semester, students earning an associate’s degree in deaf communication studies can continue their education for two years at Maryville and earn a bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation services.

The agreement was signed by Mark Lombardi, PhD, president of Maryville University, and Marcia Pfeiffer, PhD, president of the Florissant Valley campus, on Tuesday, June 23, at the St. Louis Community College campus.

“For the students in the associate degree program in deaf communication studies, this will help them reach into a more diverse job market,” said Barbara Parker, CRC, LCPC, director of Maryville’s rehabilitation services program. “It also exposes them to the huge community network that hires our health professions graduates.”

Students enrolled in the program can also bridge to the master’s program in rehabilitation counseling at Maryville, Parker said.

“This program has been created and customized specifically for deaf communication studies students at Florissant Valley,” she said. “We look forward to developing other program-specific articulation agreements with St. Louis Community College. These partnerships create valuable educational linkages and give individuals the opportunity to go further in higher education, hence further in career paths, than if we stay in a silo and independent of each other.”

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