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Faculty Salutes

on March 15, 2011 by Janet Edwards

Barb DeSanto, EdD, APR, Fellow PRSA

Barbara DeSanto, EdD, APR, Fellow PRSA, director of the communication program, has published a second edition of an international public relations casebook,  Public Relations Cases, International Perspectives, Second Edition. (Taylor and Francis of London.)  Co-authors include Danny Moss, University of Chester, England and Melanie Powell, Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, England. The book is a collection of contemporary international public relations case studies that looks at public relations practice in different organizational contexts.  Features include the use of social media, involvement with local government authorities, international fundraising and sports sponsorship.

Michael Kiener, PhD

Michael Kiener, PhD, CRC, assistant professor and interim director of rehabilitation counseling, recently published an article, “The not so obvious strategies to become a publishing research scholar,” in the book, It Works for Me: Becoming a Publishing Scholar/Researcher : Shared Tips for the Classroom Professional, (New Forums Press). He also published the article, “Gray Matter: Examining College Teaching: A Coaching Perspective,” in the Rehabilitation Education journal.


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