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on July 5, 2011 by Janet Edwards

Some people resist change and others can’t live without it. Millie Cain, ’82, is decidedly one who appreciates change and, in fact, is most often the one leading the way.

“I have moved over 22 times in my life. In the early days, it was because my company moved me, but it appears that I have something of an entrepreneurial spirit of my own,” said Cain.

Summarizing Cain’s journey and work is no easy task. Highlights include: two four-year degrees (one in business administration and a Maryville degree in interior design); a successful five-year stint as a corporate representative for Armstrong World Industries (at a time when women were a rarity at the corporate conference table); and 14 years in personal banking and wealth management (where, as she used to say, “I would loan people money and then ask for it back.”).

Through all the moves though, Cain has spent more than 20 years in and around St. Louis – it has been the one place she kept returning to time after time.

Her years in the banking business connected her with some of St. Louis’ most well-known public figures, including celebrated St. Louis Rams football stars Steven Jackson and Marshall Faulk, whom she remembers surprising once at a home game.

“I was asked to sing the national anthem, a capella, at a home game for the Rams in 2003. The guys on the team came over and gave me a high-five when I was done. They said ‘Hey! You’re our banker! We didn’t know you could sing!’ It was a thrill and a half,” said Cain.

These days Cain is helping to lead a growing St. Louis based company,,  as executive director of corporate community affairs. She spends much of her time branding the company, which she describes as a fully mobile shopping platform.

Along with being an avid St. Louis sports fan, Cain is also a long-time advocate for youth, seniors and the arts. She currently serves on nearly a dozen boards and committees around town, including Maryville University’s Duchesne Society, the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery, the National Society of Arts and Letters, St. Andrews Resources for Seniors, the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, Zoofari, the St. Louis Public Library Foundation, Forest Park Forever, the St. Louis Art Museum and the Contemporary Art Museum.

While it seems there is no way to predict what might lie ahead for Cain, odds are good it will be something close to a place that has become home for her.

“I am passionate about our community,” said Cain.

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