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on September 6, 2011 by Janet Edwards

Greg Dannegger, ’94, had already done his homework before he applied to Maryville University. Not only did he know what Actuarial Science was (using mathematical models to predict possible future outcomes), but he also knew how many schools in the country had serious programs. When he became a Saint, he was making a calculated bet on the future — something he has made a career doing as an actuary for MetLife.

“I knew Maryville had a great actuarial science program and it was right in my own backyard. Graduates were practically guaranteed employment thanks to the program’s strong reputation. Dr. Margot Pallmann was the director of the program then, and she was so influential in the actuarial business community that she would call up local employers and tell them which students they should employ as interns for the summer. So I got my start as an actuary 20 years ago thanks to Dr. Pallmann and I’ve never interviewed for a job in my life — I’ve had a very nice career,” says Dannegger.

Ironically, Dannegger enjoys helping Maryville students today prepare for interviews with future employers — it is one of many ways that he has given back to his alma mater as a connected alumni. Each year he and some of his peers come back to campus to conduct mock interviews with students and help coach them through the finer points of talking about their skill sets and how to present themselves. Dannegger is a leader in his field and is a Fellow in the Society of Actuaries.

Dannegger’s service to Maryville as an alumni ranges from supporting Trivia Night to serving on the original Young Alumni Committee to serving two terms with the Alumni Association National Leadership Counsel and participating in the Great Conversations group and more. He and his wife Robin have two children, and they live close enough to Maryville to be able to make frequent stops to campus for special events.

Greg has also graciously agreed to be one of the earliest participants in the Maryville Heritage Project and share some of his favorite memories. Click the video to hear a short sample of his story, and read the article about the new Heritage Room on campus here.

Dannegger tried to make the most of his time as a student at Maryville. He was a member of the Actuarial Science Club, where he and his peer members competed with the Physical Therapy Club members for the yearly honor of selecting the homecoming king and queen. He spent six months at Richmond College in London with the study abroad program, and made life long friends that he has traveled the globe to keep up with. He was also a part of the Class Gift Committee — something that would pave the way for his own future support for Maryville as a Duchesne Society member.

Even with his education, myriad mathematical models and years of experience, it is hard to say what the future will hold for Dannegger — but it seems clear that continuing to support and enjoy the community he found at Maryville years ago is a safe bet.

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