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on February 13, 2012 by Janet Edwards

Dibble ’06,  turns youthful Internet interest into E-Marketing career

When Jenny Dibble first tried out the Internet in seventh grade, she was hooked. She started coding websites by hand while she was still in high school, creating web pages for local churches, small businesses and schools. And when it was time to choose a college, Maryville University was a clear choice. “They were the only people who had an E-Marketing program, and I knew that was what I wanted to do,” she said.

Dibble, now 28, of Webster Groves, Mo., was recognized as E-Marketing Student of the Year when she graduated with her BA in E-Marketing in 2006. She worked full-time while attending Maryville full-time, working as a marketing assistant at HCA, a healthcare recruiting company.

She got married and moved to Seattle, where she opened a full-service online marketing agency, in 2007. She franchised, training mostly people with strong marketing backgrounds in e-marketing like search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, web design and social media. About a 100 people were trained throughout the US, Canada and Asia, and she built an internal team of 11 full-time employees. Training was conducted through online webinars and start-up weekends that were held every six weeks so professionals could learn how to run their own agencies. “Most were marketing executives who had connections and understood strategy, but didn’t know the execution (for e-marketing.)”

In Jan. 2010, her son Owen was born, and she wanted more time to focus on her family. In 2011, she sold to a traditional marketing agency that wanted more of an online presence. Dibble was recruited by Amazon in April 2011, where she worked on strategy and selling computers to consumers, repositioning products in the market and selling them to different demographics.

She and her husband moved back to Missouri last year. He worked for The Boeing Company, and she has joined locally based TrafficPRM as a partner doing online marketing strategy, which still allows her time to devote to her family.  Dibble said she’d strongly encourage students to consider a degree in E-Marketing. “I would say two things. It provided a good foundation in marketing strategy, ways to think broader and bigger picture when developing marketing campaigns for companies. And the IT foundation gave me a better understanding for the technical aspects. It was more of a technical foundation than traditional marketing.”

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