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School of Education hosts a Birthday Party for Dr. Seuss on Feb. 24

on January 12, 2013 by Janet Edwards

Back CameraMaryville’s School of Education invites current students, alumni, children and grandchildren to the Dr. Seuss birthday celebration on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. in the Donius University Center.

This year’s celebration draws on the success of last year’s event, organized by School of Education alumni and current students. It includes a variety of activities, including Dr. Seuss-themed crafts, science exploration, a scavenger hunt, snacks and—one of the children’s favorites—story readings from some of Dr. Suess’ best-loved books. (The legendary author’s 109th birthday would have been March 2.) Student volunteers also plan to lead children through a fun Dr. Seuss-themed dance, and photos may be taken with Dr. Seuss characters.

Last year’s event paved the way for the upcoming School of Education Dr. Seuss Birthday Party on Feb. 24.

The event this year is again chaired by Moira Kelly Steuterman, ’73 and Addie Dorsey Tomber, ’68. The volunteers, faculty and students who organize the event work on it well in advance. Last year, about 250 people total attended the gathering. Steuterman said, “It’s a great opportunity for alumni to return to Maryville and see first-hand what’s going on at Maryville. I think your kids will enjoy it immensely. They did last year. We had lots of smiles!”

A grant from the Missouri National Education Association written by the University’s Education Club members helps support this event and a Dr. Seuss website with curriculum and ideas for teachers.

Register at or call 314.529.6867.  For more information visit or contact Peggy Michelson at

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